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Praying together is a vital way for us to stay rooted and grounded in Christ, and bear one another’s burdens as a church family.


Our prayer meeting is for the whole church family, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday (7:30-8:30pm) of each month in the downstairs hall of the church building.


We sing praise to God, read and reflect on a part of the Bible and spend time praying in small groups.


The devotion from the Bible is normally from the same passage that will be studied the following Wednesday in our Life Groups. As Christians we want to digest God’s word well over time, rather than rushing through lots of teaching. So if you want to be prepared to study and serve others in your Life Group, our Prayer Meeting is a great chance to get a taste of the passage for the following week.


One big way we serve others is by praying for them. If you’re nervous about praying out loud, you don’t have to say a prayer. However, hearing others pray and praying together is one way we learn how to pray and find confidence to pray to God and for others. So don’t let shyness stop you from coming – it’s all the more reason to come.


Occasionally our Prayer Meetings are also visited by our mission partners, who speak from the Bible and give updates on their work. This is a great chance to connect more with those we partner with in the gospel and learn how you can be praying for God’s work outside our own church context.

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