If you are or know someone in S1 - S6 (11 till 18 years old), we have a few activities planned up to Christmas. So come along and join us and you are welcome to bring friends. Dates, times & events will be confirmed a week before the event. If you need more information, feel free to speak to anyone of us - John Macpherson, Jonathan Bremnar, David & Cassia Boyd or Anthony & Enid Fong.

P/s: Parents, there will be a registration form that you will need to complete. So speak to one of us.


Date Day Time Description
24/08/2018 Fri 7pm - 10pm Board Games at Anthony & Enid's
14/09/2018 Fri 7pm - 10pm Outdoor Games at Westburn Park followed by ice-cream at David & Cassia's
28/09/2018 Fri 7pm - 10pm International Games at Church
06/10/2018 Sat 10am - 2pm Photo Scavanger Hunt & Lunch - Meet at Church
16/11/2018 Fri - Youth / Teens Weekend Away
30/11/2018 Fri 7pm - 10pm St Andrew's Day / Movie Night at David & Cassia's
13/12/2018 Thurs 6.45pm - 9.30pm Panto (Snow White) at HMT
11/01/2019 Fri 7pm - 10pm Baking Night at Church
25/01/2019 Fri 7pm - 10pm Burn's Night at Church
15/02/2019 Fri 7pm - 9pm Crazy Golf at Codonas
01/03/2019 Fri 7pm - 10pm Mario Kart at Church
22/03/2019 Fri 7pm - 10pm Hangout Night at Anthony & Enid's