Bon Accord Bulletin 27th June 2021



Services, for those not attending the church in person, can be found by logging in to the Bon Accord Free Church web site, and then clicking “sermons” followed by “live sermons” or by logging on Both morning and evening services will be live streamed.


The services this weekend will be conducted by Rev. Donald Martin, retired minister from Gardenstown Free Church.  Next weekend the services will be conducted by Rev. Jeremy Ross, Edinburgh Presbytery.


The mid-week meeting will take place this week. Details for joining this meeting is circulated through the weekly Bon Accord intimation email, otherwise please send an enquiry through the web site.



BA Contact details:

Contact details for deacons and elders can be found in the congregational directory.


Groups meeting over the summer:







Details for joining these meetings are circulated through the weekly Bon Accord intimation email, otherwise please send an enquiry through the web site


Ladies book group



Guys’ Bible study



Ladies Bible study




These meetings all take place using Zoom.


Filling the Vacancy – Presbytery Meeting with Congregation on 4 July

Please come to church on 4 July morning service or connect in by Zoom.  The proposed call can only be carried if there are sufficient supporting members either physically present or linked in on Zoom at the meeting.



In name and by appointment of the Free Presbytery of Edinburgh and Perth, in consequence of an application from the Bon Accord Congregation, the said Presbytery agree to meet within the Bon Accord Free Church, on Sunday, the 4th day of July, 2021 at 11.00 o’clock for the purpose of moderating in a Call for filling up the vacancy in this Congregation. Rev. Jeremy Ross to preach and preside on the occasion.



Updated Rules for Gathered Worship at Bon Accord:

The church building is now open for gathered worship.  The 50-person cap has been lifted/modified as from Monday 26 April 2021. The numbers allowed are determined by the size of the building and the ability to maintain 2m social distancing.  By using the gallery, the numbers can be significantly increased subject to careful stewarding of the congregation.  In this regard it is anticipated that those in the gallery will exit the building at the end of the service by way of the north tower door. The legislation states ‘that places of worship are not eligible to apply reduced distancing of 1m’.

Registering in advance remains essential for Test and Protect and the additional requirement has been introduced for every worshipper’s details to be collected rather than just a lead contact. 

Information on changes to the church building layout and operating procedures for people in the building is available on the church website and this will be updated to reflect the above changes. Included in this information is the Scottish Government guidance stating that it is mandatory for members of the congregation to always wear a face mask when in the church building.


Crèche and Activities for children under 7:

Over the summer there will be creche and activities for children under 7 downstairs in the hall during the morning service.