The leadership of the church follows the New Testament model and is simply structured with only two kinds of officer: elders and deacons. Of these two, the higher office is that of the elder and, because the church is ruled by elders, it belongs to the family of churches known as ‘presbyterian’ – a term derived from the Greek word for ‘elder’.




The congregation is thankful to God for the provision of Rev Joe Hall as our new minister. Joe was inducted to Bon Accord on 28th August 2021 at 14:00. We look forward to Joe providing a welcome below, but until then ............!


In the words of our former Minister:

Welcome to Bon Accord! Whoever you are and wherever you’re from!

You may be wondering who we are and what we are about; perhaps the best description I could give is that we are a community of ordinary people with an extraordinary God. Many of us have come to trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and we gather week by week to worship and serve God and enjoy fellowship with one another.


Of course others, and this may include you, are not Christians but are keen on discovering more about what the Christian faith is all about. All such are very welcome. In truth we are all still learning and have much to learn; I guess that’s why Jesus calls his followers ‘disciples’ which just means ‘learners’.


If you have questions, please do drop me an e-mail here




Elders are a group of rulers elected by each organised group of worshipping people (congregation) to oversee the spiritual welfare of the congregation. This group will include at least one ruler specially trained and set apart to teach (the minister). As a formal body, they are known as the Kirk Session (or, simply, the Session). In the Presbyterian system, every Session is represented in a superior court (the Presbytery) which consists of a certain number of congregations within a specified geographical boundary. Each Presbytery is then represented in the highest court of the church, the General Assembly. Bon Accord has 11 elders and the congregation is part of the Presbytery of Edinburgh and Perth.




Deacons are individuals elected to take care of the material and financial concerns of the congregation and, as a formal body, they are referred to as the Deacons’ Court. Bon Accord has 7 deacons who are involved in looking after the Church's building, finances, communication and as well as practical support for individuals.