For several decades Bon Accord Free Church has played an important role in Aberdeen city church life. For many people, Bon Accord has become the place where they have found a warm welcome, help, fellowship and the kind of Bible teaching which has enriched every area of their lives.

Over the years, Bon Accord has had number of ministers, each making their own impact upon the Church. Throughout the years, the Church has maintained its commitment to the gospel and to a strong preaching ministry. We pray that this may remain so for many years to come.

The congregation is thankful to God for the provision of Rev Joe Hall as our new minister following Rev David MacPherson's move back to Peru to take up a post at Operacion San Andres.  Before him the minister was Iver Martin who came to Bon Accord in 1997. Prior to training for the ministry he spent 14 years in the microelectronics industry and was able to relate to the pressures of modern industry and the stresses of life. His ministry was a time of growth, in unity and fellowship, and also numerically. In 2003 Rev Martin moved to Stornoway Free Church.  His main role is now as ETS Principal, the denominations seminary.

The congregation have worshipped in the Bon Accord building ever since it was bought in 1977. Before that time we worshipped in Dee Street until the building became too small for them, during the 1970s. The present building on Rosemount Viaduct seats around 700 people and provides many practical facilities for a city congregation.

If you would like to hear a selection of the sermons preached by some of our previous ministers, Rev David MacPherson, Rev Iver Martin, Rev Alex Macdonald, Rev Hector Cameron and Prof Douglas Macmillan you can find them in the sermon archives by searching for the relevant name. Where the sermon is available online you will be given an option to listen.

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